Symbolism of the IGS logo

The Globe :

  • International scope
  • Sports = a net, a ball and the feel of speed
  • The Arts = strokes of a painter’s brush, a comedy mask and music waves
  • Social = a web, a city map and social fibers

Orange tint :

  • Awakening of the senses
  • Mental stimulus
  • Bonfire to sit around and talk

Name of the association :

  • The ultimate achievement for corporate sponsorship professionals
  • One guild to connect sponsorship associations worldwide


The idea behind an association for sponsors only dates back to 1994. Paul Pednault, founder of Sponsorium International, gathered together like minded corporate sponsors and held half a dozen meetings across USA and Canada. While the concept was generally accepted as an excellent idea, at the time there was not the required momentum behind the project to allow it to really develop.

Paul has never given up on his dream of creating an international association where sponsors can come together and share knowledge and expertise and so in April 2009 he launched the International Guild of Sponsors(“IGS”), a not-for-profit association for sponsors only (any surplus is reinvested for the benefit of the Guild).

Paul Pednault is acting as General Manager of the Guild. He can be reached at